about us

The Flourishing Lab is primarily based out of Silicon Valley USA and Shenzhen China. Our events are designed to contribute to the flourishing and well-being of everyone we interact with. We currently offer workshops, classes, lectures, and private sessions in China, the US, Egypt, and Dubai. We continue to explore and integrate new methods for increasing flourishing. The Flourishing Lab grew out of both Ahmed’s teaching at Stanford, and the grass roots enthusiasm for his teachings in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing China.

our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the flourishing of everyone we interact with. Flourishing is when we “experience positive emotions, positive psychological functioning and positive social functioning, most of the time.” [1]

In order to flourish, we need to strengthen and deepen many types of connections in our lives. We need good connections to ourselves, good connections to other people, and good connections to the world we live in.

The more connected to ourselves we are, the more available and effective we will be at connecting authentically with other people. Connecting to ourselves means being more aware of our emotions, our thoughts, our behavior, and our bodies. Being more connected to ourselves leads to healthy emotions, clearer minds, better communication, more compassion, more strength, and more of a feeling of safety. Our emotions become more authentic, appropriate, and even useful to us.

Having deeper and more authentic connections to other people gives our lives more meaning and more satisfaction. We become more able to handle difficult interpersonal situations without conflict. We become better listeners, and we become more able to express ourselves authentically to other people. Our relationships become satisfying and cooperative.

The most important factor determining an adult’s life satisfaction is emotional. The most important factor for a child’s emotional health is the emotional health of its mother. The data is clear on this. Emotional health is significantly more important for life satisfaction than physical health, income, years of education, and marital status. [2]

[1] Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Flourishing, Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing: How can they be increased?
[2] Clark A, Fleche S, Layard R, Powdthavee N, Ward G (12 December 2016). “Origins of happiness: Evidence and policy implications”

the team

Ahmed Alashwa


Ahmed Alashwa teaches meditation at Stanford University using neuro and biofeedback technologies. He focuses on accelerating brain learning, flow states and peak performance. Ahmed teaches from unscripted direct experience. His workshops on human flourishing run throughout the world.

Forrest H Bennett III


Forrest has 30 years of meditation experience and 18 years of “non-violent communication” experience. As a computer scientist, he specializes in machine learning, published 61 scientific papers, wrote a book and has nine patented inventions. Forrest was a visiting scholar at Stanford University, has a degree in applied mathematics, and is co-founder of Palo Alto Neuroscience and Prosperity Lab. Twitter acquired his previous search engine company.

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